Private Bodies in Public Spaces? Conceptions of healthcare and subjectivity in the Pioneer Health Centre and today. Discussion at UCL

This looks set to be a great event. 

The IAS welcomes this discussion about wellbeing at the interface between our own bodies, the bodies of others, healthcare spaces and medical technologies. 

What do medical technologies and spaces for health and wellbeing tell us about our conception of the self? And what is the place of the individual in our healthcare system? Artist Ilona Sagar will present her video essay  'Correspondence O' (2017), previously exhibited in her solo show at South London Gallery; and Prof Anita Berlin and Prof Peg Rawes will provide expanded responses. Dr David Roberts will chair this conversation.

'Correspondence O' explores the history of the Pioneer Health Centre in Peckham from 1926 to 1950 when it served as a space for experimentation in preventative medicine, and reflects on its transformation into a gated community. Sagar's work looks back at the positive outcomes of this history to think of ideas of the individual subject of healthcare at that moment and today. The work is informed by the archives of the Wellcome Collection and the RIBA, as well as contemporary medical research conducted by the Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute at the University of Cambridge.

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